Here are some things I've noticed recently.

  • Butterflies, butterflies everywhere. Mostly small whites all over the purple flowers in the garden, and the brassicas of course. Also small tortoiseshells and peacocks. A perfect example above, alighted on my shed.
  • Bumble bees too, including some really big ones. It turns out quite a few live (lived) in my compost heap and make an angry buzzing with their wings when disturbed. Probably red-tailed bumble bees in the heap, according to this great reference page)
  • Garden spiders are starting to make themselves conspicuous, with webs spun across pathways waiting to catch me out in the morning.
  • Wasps are now well established, after being a bit thin on the ground earlier in the year. They can't half wreck a nice outdoor meal, though luckily my kids don't fear them yet.
  • Lots of leaves off some trees, presumably due to the very dry spells recently.
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