Here's a sign of our confused climate – a Xmassy image of a robin in the snow, as we near April. This lovely picture is courtesy of Jenny from a "very snowy Castle Douglas". Thanks Jenny.

There's also snow in the UKNB garden here in Hertfordshire, and it's been interesting to see so much bird life in the garden, grateful for the feeders, and much easier to see against a white backdrop and with no leaves on the trees. Mostly it has been chaffinches, goldfinches, great tits, blue tits and plenty of robins.


Spring is trying to spring, and I've noticed plenty going on out there.

  • Magpies and rooks are particularly noticeable collecting material for their nests.
  • Tits are creeping along tree branches picking at the buds looking for insects.
  • Birds are singing lustily.
  • It remains extremely damp pretty much everywhere. I bet there's a hosepipe ban within a month!
  • Herons are nesting in the park.

Spring may not have sprung but some count the start of March as the start of Spring. Personally I’d say it’s thinking about it but isn’t sure which coat to wear or whether it needs a hat and gloves.

Something’s stirring though. Today I saw a Red Kite and a Buzzard circling over my garden as well as a fox legging it through it and over the fence to next door. Green things are poking their heads up and some daffs have even dared to flower. Roll on double digit temperatures!