Summer is here and seems to be the real deal, which means windows wide open late into the evening, to try to dispel the lingering heat of the day. But unless you like to sit in darkness, bugs will insist on flying through those open windows, drawn by your lightbulbs.

I'm getting a lot of crane flies ("daddy longlegs" – in the UK at least) as pictured above, and moths, but nothing much more exciting just yet. A beautiful swallowtail moth a couple of years back was a particular highlight for me, but what has flown in through your open window? Leave a comment, or better still send pictures to share!

Incidentally, you can tell that the crane fly above is a male as it has a blunt end to its body, whereas the females have a pointy end – all the better to lay eggs with. Also, did you know that some tropical species can be up to 10cm long?

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  1. Apart from a very dopey fly, the only thing that came in was a Tree Bumblebee. I was quite excited by that!

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