I've seen what I thought were smooth newts in my garden a few times – usually finding them in hollows beneath slabs when lifting them. In that situation they've always looked exactly like small, brown lizards and I even thought that's what they were when I encountered them the very first time. Actually I'm now reconsidering whether they were even smooth newts, but maybe palmate newts instead.

Either way, above is a newt in a tank having been pond dipped (not by me) at a local nature reserve. I'm thinking it's probably a palmate newt – perhaps a female – but if there are any experts out there who can set me straight once and for all I'd really appreciate it. Then I'll go an update my old posts to try to stop spreading disinformation!

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  1. One time i saw it in the water. Can they live on the overland?

  2. Yes – newts can spend a lot of time out of water, e.g. under stones.

  3. I have lots of newts in and around my pond and I went for palmate as they have no spots on their throats.

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