22. July 2012 · 3 comments · Categories: Birds

You may recall the installation of my cardboard bird box, where I wondered how well it would survive. Well technically it has survived, but it's not looking very inviting to the average family of birds. There's no evidence of nesting, but it often takes a long time for boxes to get used so that doesn't really prove anything.

I'll leave it in place to see whether eagles start nesting in it anytime soon.

Update, Spring 2013: It bit the dust over the winter and is now contributing to the compost heap. Oh well, it was fun whilst it lasted.

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  1. Not exactly a des res is it?

  2. I’m surprised it has lasted this long after all the rain and wind that we had.

  3. ricruxton@aol.com

    It’s a nice blue peter type idea but totally bonkers. It would never last. Do birds keep comiing back to the same box? if so this really not helpful. There lots of scrap wood around

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