I went out to snip a sprig of rosemary for use in my dinner, when I was distracted by four small but beautiful beetles on the plant. Each one was probably only 7mm long, quite rotund and shiny green with oily bronze stripes and lines of indentations. I hadn't seen anything quite like them before so had to look them up. It turns out they are literally Rosemary beetles, and as the RHS will tell you (via that link) they are an invasive pest that has been sweeping the country over the last few years, working their way out from the South East mainly.

Actually, when I found them they were engaging in spring-time activities as per the photo below.


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  1. Oh, what pretty little things but they do bad things to plants…I couldn’t spray them though. What will be your solution to them?

  2. I can’t actually find any now that I’ve gone back to look. I’ll keep an eye out and if it gets problematic I’ll have to do something, but not sure what. RHS suggests shaking the adults out onto a sheet/umbrella and then (presumably) slaughtering them.

  3. Horrible thought! Thanks for your response.

  4. I think they have eaten my rosemary and have now demolished my lavender. They are ever so pretty though..

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