I recently received a cardboard bird box as a gift and decided to put it up this weekend past. It comes 'flat-packed' and is very easily assembled by simply folding it together and pushing tabs into place. No glue or scissors required. Finally a wooden dowel pushes through the middle to act as a perch.

Apparently it's waterproof though it's slightly hard to believe. Perhaps a bigger problem is that it's so light I was worried it would simply blow away. It has a hole in the back to hang off a nail/screw, but I added some garden wire to try to hold in place more securely on my old apple tree. It will be interesting to see whether it finds favour as a home for birds. I will report back in due course.

Update, 22 July 2012: and report back I have.


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  1. It looks smart and perhaps it has been coated in something to make it waterproof?

  2. Don’t think it would last a weekend here. Interested to see if it fares any better in your drier weather. I think the wire is a good precaution, I’d be very worried about a nest being blown down.

  3. so how did the bird house fare?

  4. Zing – I’ve just blogged with an update (and post above updated to link to that). Thanks for prompting me.

  5. where can I buy one? please send me the link/address.

  6. Praveen, it was a gift, so I’m not sure. I’ve seen on the web before now but a quick Google struggled to find anywhere selling them, not that I looked very hard.

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