22. August 2011 · 3 comments · Categories: Plants

In the pots on my deck lurk strange but tiny worlds. The garden you see above is just a few centimetres across and sits at the base of a clematis (that's the bigger stalks rising off the top of the frame). I didn't plant this miniature oasis – it just grew there, complete with minute 'palm trees'. I assume that these are mostly mosses and other primitive plants (or just small, young weeds in a few cases), but I find them fascinating up close, with some very strange structures.

Update: A bit of research prompted by a reader with similar things in his pots shows they are in fact Liverworts (not moss). These are are usually indicative of compacted soil or poor drainage, which sounds about right.


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  1. Amazing, and quite beautiful… I shall be looking more closely into my pots now!!

  2. Isn’t that glorious? Great pictures too. Have you looked closely at Lichens? They are fascinating too.

  3. Alas, all I have is a great deal of dust and bits of paper with scribbling that I cannot read.

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