A few things I've noticed of late:

  • Butterflies abound, of many species, but orange tips are particularly noticeable.
  • The cherry blossom has been and gone in a scant couple of weeks. It was blowing down the road today like snow as strong winds whipped in ahead of the storms (which never actually came).
  • Wasps are bigger than I remember. Or is it just queens building their new nests?
  • It's been ridiculously hot and dry and looks set to stay that way for a little while.
  • I've seen lots of frogspawn but that's gone and I don't see any tadpoles.
  • Spiders are everywhere in the last couple of weeks – in the house, in the garden, many varieties, big and small.
  • A lot of the birdlife in the garden has faded away in favour of quarrelling sparrows.
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  1. Lots of orange tips here, but no wasps. Maybe they are just lurking, biding their time…..

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