The weather's good enough for gardening again finally, and there's a lot to do out there! But digging around in the soil means finding beasties. Here's a new one for me that I had to look up: a Ground beetle larva. It is about 3cm long with legs at the front and is a surprisingly athletic mover compared to Chafer grubs which wiggle but not much more.

It also has a set of curved pincers at the end, just visible on the right side in the photograph above, which initially had me looking up "earwig larva" on Google. However it turns out that Earwigs don't work like that – they don't have a larval stage! Instead the go through several molts as nymphs that look much like the adult only smaller. But I digress.

It assume it turns into the classic, medium sized black beetle that you often see scurrying about the garden – also quite a quick mover!

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