This past few weeks I have been noticing:

  • Not much at all, owing to grey days and endless drizzle.
  • Ladybirds in the flowerbeds and in miscellaneous places – perhaps just being disturbed from their overwintering.
  • A fresh wave of spiders in the house, maybe due to weather going cold again, or maybe it's the fresh youngsters?
  • Just as many birds on the feeders as at any time in the winter, including larger birds such as Starling and Great spotted woodpecker, but also lots of Goldfinches, Greenfinches, House sparrows amongst the usual suspects.
  • Evidence of hedgehogs on the lawn (poo). We'll try some Hedgehog food in a dish to see what happens.
  • Most plants in the garden already thrusting up shoots from the ground. Will they be caught out by more frosts to come?
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