15. January 2011 · 2 comments · Categories: Birds


A regular visitor to my garden feeders this winter has been a Blackcap (or maybe more than one) which I hadn't seen at all in previous months and years. Here he is looking a bit puffed up and hiding amidst the snows from a few weeks ago. I assume it's a he as the cap is black rather than brown.

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  1. I live in West Ealing and have also had a male blackcap visiting my bird feeder for the past month or so. He spends a considerable amount of time several times a day sitting on the bird feeder tucking into husked sunflower seeds. I have lived in my flat for 27 years and have never seen one in my garden before.

  2. He still frequents my fat ball feeder many times a day. I actually got a half-decent picture of him today as the sun was out, giving enough light for once. I will do a post with that picture soon.

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