Having set out spa and banqueting facilities in the garden (a dish of warm water and some old bread), larger birds have been visiting frequently. Larger than the usual tits, finches and their ilk at least – I'm not talking about Golden eagles here! Not in Hertfordshire, though I do regularly see Red kite circling above our suburban garden, which is testament to their growing success over recent years. But I digress.

Starlings, Blackbirds, Magpies and Jays have all been taking advantage amid the snow. I'm pretty sure I saw a Sparrowhawk swoop through too, but it probably wasn't interested in the bread. I haven't yet seen any Redwing or Fieldfare, which were plentiful last winter – perhaps they're still to come or have decided that Scandinavia's warmer than the UK right now.

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  1. I saw 2 redwings in a Leicester garden yesterday!

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