On a walk through the woods on the Ashridge Estate, I happened across a large Weevil running along the handrail of a footbridge. It wouldn't stop moving for a photograph so I slowed it down by making it scale the forest of my forearm. Here it is perched on my watch-strap.

The most obvious Weevily feature is quite evident: a snout with bent antenna protruding from it. This specimen is probably Curculio nucum (Hazelnut weevil or Acorn weevil commonly, depending on where you're from). As the name suggests, it eats out the inside of acorns.

And finally, I'll finish on a joke that's only marginally more amusing than the pun of the title. Two weevils grew up together in a wood. One went to work in the city and became a respected financier. The other stayed behind in the woods and never amounted to much. The second one, naturally, became known as the lesser of two weevils.

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