OK, so it's not a great angle, being a rear shot of a Hoverfly against a seemingly black background. Actually it just looks black because the beast itself was in a very bright shaft of sunlight so the camera has exposed for that and the shady trees in the background have come out super dark as a result.

I stood for perhaps 15 minutes pointing a very heavy 400mm lens at this quite large Hoverfly, trying to get a good shot of it in flight. However since it moves from spot to spot relatively quickly, and because I was manually focussing, it took a lot of trial and error and patience to get a reasonably sharp, well exposed image. I'll try again sometime, hoping for a better angle. In my favour was that they do tend to keep returning to approximately the same location.

I believe I also saw it mating, though I only recognised it after a mention on Springwatch of how flies mate by clinging together and doing the dirty as they fall to the ground. I will never get a photograph of that, I think it's safe to say. Not by standing in a wood anyway.

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