I stumbled across another cracking UK wildlife blog just recently, that's definitely worth a trawl for the variety and excellence of the photography and information: Wildlife in a Suburban Garden. To be honest the chap's either got one hell of a garden or the title doesn't strictly define the limits of his nature hunting. Anyway, he clearly knows his nature and puts a great deal of effort into studying and recording it. Bravo!

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  1. Thanks for your really lovely comments…… I am a little bit obsessive to be honest and I always want to see more and photograph it better. Plus, I am semi-retired and work from home and not dancing to anyone else’s tune is a big advantage. I do what I want when I want basically. My blog is Wildlife in a Suburban Garden (and other parts of Devon) but it started as a way of keeping track of my own garden. Typepad is great,hope you agree?
    I will have a really good look at your Blog tomorrow after my planned dawn Kingfisher trip.

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