The press seems to be full of "news" of celebrity couples divorcing these days, but one divorce headline grabbed my attention today for being a little bit different!

Bewick's swans usually mate for life, but staff monitoring the annual arrivals at Slimbridge have noticed one pair that seem to have returned this year separately, but with new partners. It's not completely unheard of for a swan to find a new partner following the death of their previous mate, but for them just to go their separate ways is a little unusual, and has only been seen on one previous occasion in the last 40 years at Slimbridge. Out of the 4,000 pairs of swans that have been monitored at the site it is certainly a figure that is much lower than the UK's average divorce rate.

Both members of the previous partnership are currently at Slimbridge, with their new partners in tow. Like at the celebrity parties they are apparently yet to acknowledge each other, despite being on the same small bit of lake. There is no news as yet for the reason behind the split, but the lack of children from the relationship may be a possibility. Certainly in their previous trips to Slimbridge they did not arrive with a cygnet at any point.

We'll keep you posted if we hear of any further developments with this couple!

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