Finally the wait is over, and my mystery bulbs have sent up flowers, artfully photographed above. Catch up with the thrilling story so far, if you're not familiar with it, in three original instalments.

The popular money was on Grape hyacinth, but that would appear to be proven wrong confronted with this new evidence. These flowers that have bloomed are a very delicate pale purple, with each bell less than a centimetre across. Note that the time of year is probably no clue as these are growing indoors in a pot.

So what are they? Send in your answers via the comments below.

Update (April 2010): Almost certainly they're Bluebells. Loads of them have now come up in the borders, looking rather more vibrant than these, but I think that's just the effect of growing them indoors.

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  1. I think it is a form of hyacinth. The flowers are more ” elongated” on the stem due to having been forced indoors with less light than they would have had outdoors.

  2. Wow…I am fascinated by the picture of Hyacinth flowers. It looks awesome. Everything on your blog looks perfect.

  3. I’d like to smell them first, but they look like some variety of Spanish Bluebells, I’ve got purple, blue, pink and white in my garden (not now of course!)

  4. Now that Spring has fully sprung in the garden I can see that lots of Bluebells have indeed come up in the borders, so these are almost definitely the same. They look a bit pasty and weird from being forced indoors, but I’m pretty certain they’re bluebells.

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