Who knew the UK had colossal cave spiders? I didn't, but the BBC reports that we do, and in at least one case they've been living in a building in the Yorkshire Dales. Apparently this situation was not to be tolerated (the building was about to be renovated for human occupants) and scientists have now relocated the spiders back to their more usual subterranean dwellings.

These spiders apparently measure up to 7cm across (presumably including the legs) which is similar to the largest house spiders that you might see scurrying across the floor in the autumn. Here's a picture of a similarly massive house spider just in case you needed terrifying, and because I don't have a picture of the elusive cave spiders (follow the BBC link above for that, and video).


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  1. i found on of them on 12/09/11 , they were under neath my gutter outside my bathroom window!

  2. i just caught one in my room im not scared of spiders but my body is saying run as fast as you can its in a wine glass atm while i take pictures

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