Lifting some old paving slabs revealed a small nest of red ants (probably Myrmica Rubra) which immediately set to work ferrying away their small white larvae to safety. It's particularly interesting in this photo to note that as well as the bean shaped white ant larvae there are also small white woodlice, which commonly inhabit ants nests.

There are some even smaller white insects at the top left which I initially assumed were simply baby woodlice, but they were moving much more quickly than woodlice and don't quite look the part. In fact I think they are springtails, which are also known to inhabit ants nests.

Note that when I took the picture all I noticed with the naked eye was the ants, the larvae and the tiniest white scurrying insects (which really were minute – not much more than 1mm long) but not the white woodlice. It was only when researching what I could see in the photo that it became apparent how many different beasties I'd captured in the same nest!

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