I found this Speckled Bush Cricket (Leptophyes punctatissima) sunning itself on a fence in the dying rays of the autumn sun. Click above for a larger version of the photo on which the tiny black speckles are evident. Note the antennae, which are much longer than the body, and the curved ovipositor at the rear, which indicates this is a female. She uses it to lay eggs beneath the surface of the soil. Adults are generally seen from August to October, so it genuinely is the end of the cricket season.

Crickets (and bush crickets, which are a bit different) can generally be distinguished from grasshoppers by their long antennae and lack of (or tiny and useless) wings, amongst other more subtle traits. Supposedly crickets are nocturnal and less vividly green than grasshoppers but this specimen didn't seem aware of those distinctions.

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  1. Given its lanky limbs and hunched back, I could safely surmise this insect being of relation to the Camel Cricket. That notwithstanding, it’s strange to see a night-roaming individual basking (unhidden) in the day’s sunlight.

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