Paul sends in this shot of a mystery beastie, photographed in a small cave in the north east of England. He describes it as follows. "At first glance it looks like a cricket but lacks the hind legs etc. Its antennae bend backwards and it has two long appendages from the rear."

I can't figure out what it is, having searched the interwebs long and hard. Some sort of bristletail, or a larva of some sort? What's most annoying is that I swear I've seen such a thing before, but I can't bring it to mind. I bet there's someone out there who knows exactly what it is at a glance. Please tell us!

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  1. Springtail?

  2. I wondered the same, but I couldn’t actually find an example that looked like this.

  3. Cameron for the sack

    A tiny bit off topic but you might enjoy this on the badger cull

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