Here are a few things I've noticed of late.

  • The sun has been shining so butterflies have come out of hiding. Mostly I have seen Ringlet (pictured), Large white (Cabbage white) and Gatekeepers. It's nice to see them flitting around finally.
  • Bumble bees seem to have been fine whatever the weather. I have a nest of them under my deck and they're still buzzing in out to the lavender.
  • It's been so wet there's been quite a bit of fungus about – I have various types of mushroom growing in my lawn.
  • The slugs and snails continue to run rampant. Step out into the garden in the darkness and it can only be described as crunchy/squishy underfoot!
  • The birds are back after their summer break (apparently they've been lying low as they moult into new feathers) and are hoovering up the sunflower seeds in my feeders. Mainly tits (Blue, Great, Long-tailed), Goldfinches and sparrows in my garden. Wood pigeons wait for the crumbs on the floor.
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