Here are some things I've noticed recently:

  • It's still wet. Very wet, but at least we get the odd half day of respite, and sometimes even a full day before it tips it down again.
  • Birds are flocking back to garden feeders over the last week or two, at least in my garden. Blue tits, Great tits, Chaffinches and Robins in particular. They were notably absent for the month or so before. Is is the wet weather that's forcing them to the feeders?
  • Plants are springing up at a ferocious rate. The wet and warm weather with occasional bursts of sunshine seems to be just perfect for rapid growth.
  • There aren't so many bees, wasps and butterflies to be seen since the droughtmonsoon began, presumably because the weather is keeping them off the wing.
  • Ants don't seem to be especially phased by the weather.
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