I brought inside a few twigs pruned from a willow in the garden and put them in water. Within a couple of days they had burst forth, covered in pollen. What a spring-timey thing!

The photography merits a brief note. This picture is taken indoors with a compact camera up close in macro mode. But importantly it's using flash and this has resulted in my intended effect of losing the background to blackness – even though my beige, flowery (but tastefully so) curtains are a couple of metres behind. Compared to the extremely brighly lit catkins the camera sees the curtains as near enough black and I get this wonderfully stark study.

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  1. Very cleverly done. Aren’t they beautiful?

  2. I did exactly the same thing. They remind me of being at school (that’s a long time ago!) as the children bought them in for the teacher. My pussy willows are from the bottom of the garden and they smell lovely. The smell of spring.

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