A couple of pleasant and typically autumnal scenes for you, in case the darkening days are starting to get you down. Both of these are in UKNB's home town of St Albans, so if you're local you might recognise the first one at least.


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  1. That’s an interesting arrangement of wood on the stream, do you know why it is like that? It’s a pretty image.

  2. The pieces you can see jutting into the river Ver at regular intervals are actually stone and form a series of weirs. The water is running away from the camera downhill, so it’s a bit hard to see it for what it is if you don’t already know. It is basically a fish ladder I believe, and/or a good way for the river to traverse a short section of relatively steep drop in a managed way.

  3. Thank you Sam, an interesting reply. I’m in North Bucks, not too far from your area but have never been there!

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