Here's a few things I've noticed of late:

  • There have been a lot of Seven-spot ladybirds around, and I've hardly seen any Harlequins this year compared to last. Perhaps it's just a local thing. Maybe even even local just to my garden.
  • The conkers are falling off the trees and the leaves are turning – autumn is upon us. Doesn't time fly!
  • The bird feeders have been largely devoid of any action for many months now. I can only assume that natural food supplies are plentiful so they have no interest in the feeders. Or I've killed off all the local birds by failing to clean the feeders as often as I should. Or next door's cat has killed off all the local birds (plausible).
  • Wasps just haven't been as irritating this year. Normally August and September are the time to be driven out of the pub garden, or your own back garden by an onslaught of wasps intent on your food or drink.
  • Even though there seems to have been a lot of heavy rain over the last month or two, the garden often seems extremely dry with plants wilting. Which just shows how much rain it takes to redress the balance after a long dry spell. Actually the BBC reported just today that some areas are still officially in drought.
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