A few weeks ago I posted pictures of a Ladybird freshly emerged from its pupa, but now I've caught one in the act! This one doesn't look like a Harlequin (no 'M' on its forehead) and its wing cases look much softer with a rough surface, so presumably the previous subject had already had a little time to dry out and harden up when I first found it. Though it might not have been fully baked, this one wasn't lacking in energy and scuttled off quickly.


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  1. Those are amazing pictures, I’ve never seen that happen. I get awfully confused about which are Harlequin and which are native. Are the ‘foreigners’ really a threat to ours?

  2. I’m not sure just how much of a threat they are, but they are here to stay. Personally I still see all sorts of ladybirds in my garden.

  3. Yes, I doubt that they’d be eradicated. I hope they learn to live together.

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