11. May 2011 · 2 comments · Categories: Birds


UKNB has been on tour to Norfolk, so has come back with lots of good stuff to share with you all. First off, a picture of what I think this is a Hobby, but I'm not sure as it could just be a more common Kestrel. There's no obvious black bar across the end of the tail which confuses me a bit in either case. The head could conceivably be white with a black mask, which is why I'm going for Hobby. Having looked it up it seems that its manner of flying would have given it away, but I don't recall whether it was a "languid flight with occasional flutters" which would indicate Hobby. Could it even be something else entirely?

Are you a wizard at identifying falcons? Please enlighten me if so!

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  1. I think the wings of a Hobby are more ‘sickle’ shaped. I believe this to be a Kestrel

  2. You know what – I believe you’re right! I saw loads of confirmed hobbies today at Wicken Fen, and they certainly do have a swift-like curve to the wings.

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