If you've never looked at a woodlouse up close you might not notice how interesting and pretty they can be! I was particularly drawn to this one (admittedly a strange phrase given the subject) as it looked more colourful and patterned than the usual woodlice that I see, which are just a uniform grey. It also seemed to run about three times faster than woodlice I'm familiar with.

As usual with these things I feverishly looked it up, expecting to find that I had unveiled an exotic invader or even a whole new species, only to find that it is the "common woodlouse". So how come I haven't noticed these patterned ones before? I think the usual ones that sneak across the carpet must be the common rough or common shiny woodlice.

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  1. Did you find out how they come to be on our carpets? Or, as in my house, upstairs in the bathroom? Nice little things, I think, though perhaps not in the house. My son was scared of them right up into his mid-teens!

  2. They come up through cracks in the floorboards from the space under the house, which is usually just soil a foot or so beneath those boards – at least on the ground floor! Even with fitted carpets they seem to find a gap in the skirting or the carpet edge to wiggle through. Either that or they just waltz under the front door if there’s a gap. I’m not sure how they get upstairs, though I have found one climbing the stairs once so maybe it’s as simple as that.

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