An interesting new series Stargazing Live starts tonight at 8pm on BBC 2, running for three nights in a row. Professor Brian Cox (favourite of ladies of a certain age) and Dara O Briain (a new direction for Dara?) host live stargazing, featuring various observatories around the world, and no doubt running the full scale from 'you can do this in your own back garden' to 'epic images courtesy of the world's biggest telescopes'.

The BBC also has a tie-in news item on stargazing, this apparently being a great time for it with celestial conditions setup well. However a clear sky and minimal light pollution are harder to find in the UK, and it discusses that topic at length too.

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  1. A good programme except for Jonathon Ross, he has bought all that expensive equipment with licence payers money and thinks its funny that he can’t be bothered to learn how to use it.

  2. I went outside to look at Jupiter after the programme finished, but sadly we have cloudy skies here in Hertfordshire.
    Regards Jonathan Ross, once the money is his I’d say it’s up to him (or his wife in this case) to determine what to do with it. But since I know he’s perfectly technically capable I think he’s just playing it up a bit in this case for misguided comic effect.

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