About 6 inches of snow fell in just a few hours here at UKNB HQ in St Albans today, which is really the first that we've seen of this winter that the rest of the country has been going bananas about.

This seems to have been an invitation for birds to flock to the feeders en masse. With the leaves off the trees and everything else white over it was a bonanza period for bird watching. I saw the following on or around my feeders: Robin, Chaffinch, Blackbird, Black cap (excitingly), Coal tit, Dunnock, House sparrow, Blue tit, Great tit, Green finch, Bull finch. That's much more variety than on an average day and the feeders were definitely much busier than usual.

Which reminds me, maybe I should put out some warm water, as I understand birds can struggle to find non-frozen water to drink at times like this.

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