The RSPB's Mark Avery wonders whether this might be a "Waxwing year" when we get a glut of the colourful birds from Scandinavia. Apparently plenty have already been seen along the East coast of the UK, whereas most years there might be only a few. So keep your eyes open especially if you're in the East.

You can read up on Waxwings courtesy of the RSPB and

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  1. went to a Yorkshire Nature Reserve at Spurn Point with my friend last weekend and saw this gorgeous little chap there…
    I was so lucky to take these shots. I know it sounds wierd, but I had a dream two nights before that I`d see a waxwing… and I did! It was amazing… he quite liked being the centre of attention.
    We then heard of a Pallas`s Warbler was in the hedegrows further down the road… I packed my camera up, turned around and headed down the road… only to find the Waxwing was flying down the road after us… his high pitched whistle sounded almost robotic!
    The weather was terrible, I`m so pleased the shots came out ok!
    I have shared this on BBC Autumnwatch Flickr Storyboard… hope it`s ok to put it up here..

  2. Clare – great photos, especially the juggling!
    Can I use one to illustrate the blog post? I’ll be sure to credit you.

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