Things I've noticed recently:

  • Autumn is drawing in: it's colder, windier and would be wetter too if August hadn't been so atypically rainy!
  • Mushrooms of all types are springing up everywhere.
  • Jays are still fairly evident.
  • Coal tits and greenfinches have been in the garden for the first time in a long time. This is probably specific to my garden mind you.
  • Fruit continues to fall from the trees – many of the apples and damsons in my garden have hit the ground before I managed to pick them.
  • It seems to have been a bit of a bad year for wasps – i.e. I don't remember there being that many about at any point, perhaps due to the weather. Or maybe I've just not got outside as much this summer.
  • The mix of rain, sun and reasonable warmth has meant grass growing at an incredible rate.
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