It's August, and that seems to mean that big brown house spiders are out roaming for mates. It's not uncommon to be sitting watching TV of an evening when something scuttles across the floor in the corner of your vision. It just happened to me, leading to swift capture and ejection via a pint glass and a handy piece of card.

See last year's post on the same topic for the full lowdown on Tegenaria Duellica. And remember, it may look big but it's mostly just legs, and it's not in the slightest bit interested in you.

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  1. I fear i have a spider like this in my daughters bedroom… she says it looks like that but the body is far fatter do you know what it is??

  2. Alexandra, the females have bigger bodies, so it could be a lady version of the same. If you can get a picture, I’ll gladly try to puzzle it out 🙂

  3. They’re so huge! I’ve just moved into my own flat and had to dispose of two like this in the space of as many days – there’s no way I’m killing them so it involves a glass and a postcard, but the second one was too big for the glass and I had to do some very shaky-handed glass-wriggling. This is definitely the biggest drawback of living alone…

  4. one just crawled from under my cover and i want to cry and will it bite me help idk, it’s big and brown and i’m panicking because can’t sleep and it’s like almost 2am and i need to sleep because gcse’s wah:-((((((

  5. It’s June and I saw one last night, it didn’t look exactly like this but it looked simalar. I tried to kill it multiple times but failed. It went under my closet door in the bathroom and I have not seen it since.

  6. I just killed one that looked like it and I have a video…but are they poisonous

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