Despite what we thought earlier this month, it seems that the spell of good weather this week has brought the first bluebells into flower. The ones in our back garden have burst into flower this week and the Internet is awash with sighting reports.

The good weather is due to continue into the weekend, with up to 20 degrees forecast in the South East, providing the ideal time to go out and find some local to you. The National Trust website has set up a Bluebell Watch section so that you know what has been seen where and a quick search on Twitter also brings up sighting details. We may have to wait a little bit longer before we get to see a vista like that above, but just knowing that nature is on its way is exciting in itself. 

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  1. I guess we have to wait a bit longer up North. We went to a local ancient forest last weekend and although Wood Anemones and Wood Sorrel were in bloom, we didn’t see even a spike amongst the bluebell leaves.

  2. I have heard that things up North are up to two weeks behind things here in the South, yet I’ve also heard about regional variations too. Someone reported that there was a huge variation in daffodils within just two miles!
    Please let us know when you do see the bluebells emerging properly.

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