There has been much speculation in the press over recent months about the impact that the harsh winter has had on our wildlife, and many have singled out kingfishers as a breed that may well have been severely affected.

Surveys are one of the best ways of finding out if there is anything to back up all of this speculation and another one that has kicked off recently is the British Waterways’ Wildlife Survey 2010. British Waterways are responsible for over 2,200 miles of rivers and canals in the UK and their ecologists use the results of the survey to help monitor, protect and conserve the wildlife that is found around the rivers and canals in their care.

So, if you spot a kingfisher or any other wildlife near your local waterway then please submit your sightings as part of the survey. They’ve produced a handy guide to the survey which includes a picture based spotting sheet to make the job even easier!    

If you’re lucky enough to capture your sightings on your camera then they’ve also set up a Flickr group in which to share your photos.

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  1. saw a great spotted woodpecker and jay on macclesfield canal, between marina and fools nook. beautiful..also a lovely female duck with a brood of 11! phew..end of may 2010.

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