A splash of colour to liven up a drab winter. This is the resident Iguana in one of the glass houses at Kew Gardens in London. I had no idea there was one, so I was quite surprised to turn a corner and find it right there on a wall looking pleased with itself.

Update: actually as Richard points out in the comments this is more likely a water dragon than an Iguana!

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  1. There is a baby iguana in the pet shop in Welwyn Howard Centre..barely 2 inches long ( and a beautiful bright green when I saw it! ) Shame they grow so big!!

  2. The photo above isn’t of an iguana so I’m not sure if the either you used a different image or mis-identified the species above. The lizard above is a water dragon which, I admit, does look reasonably similar at this size. They only grow to around 3′ in length though rather than an iguanas 6′ or so.

  3. Richard – you may very well be right and I’ll happily defer to your greater knowledge of the subject. Thanks for pointing it out – I’ve updated the article!

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