This morning brought 5 inches of snow on the ground, and a couple of new visitors to the garden. First up, a redwing up in a mostly leafless tree. This is very similar to a song thrush (and indeed it is a type of thrush migrating to the UK from Scandinavia) with a notable reddy orange patch on the body beneath the wing. The other telltale features are the pale stripes above the eye and through the moustache, and red under-wings if seen in flight from the right angle.

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  1. Your photo is lovely! We saw a redwing in a bare tree near our garden yesterday – first one we’ve seen this year. This morning a lot of lapwings flew over – we’ve never seen them near our house before.

  2. I just saw a pair of them in the same spot this morning, but couldn’t get a particularly decent photo.

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