A couple of days ago I posted on this blog to note my confusion over the birds staying away from the feeders, despite the encroaching winter. Well I may have figured out why: on closer inspection there is a healthy crop growing in one of my feeders, the seeds having germinated and sprouted. You can even see roots! At this time of year with all the wind and rain, feeders like this very quickly get damp and the food can go mouldy (or germinate) which is no good for the birds. So check yours, and give them a thorough cleaning and drying before re-stocking.

I'm wondering if a more waterproof solution may be required though, otherwise the contents will be soaked within minutes of going outside.

I wonder if I scatter the contents on the veg patch whether I can grow my own bird seed for 2010…

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  1. There you go, grow it yourself! I’ve had similar issues with regular feeders but if you get a feeder that is a top-fill type its super easy to keep clean. I’ve got this hummingbird feeder and I love it!

  2. Oh sorry I thought you had html enabled, the link for the feeder I’m talking about:

  3. To be fair I doubt I’ll attract many hummingbirds here in the UK, no matter how good the feeder. The seed feeder in the picture above is a top-fill feeder, but the water gets in through the feeding holes.

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