Wow it's been a strange winter – very wet, though I'm glad to say I live on high ground, but remarkably warm overall. I only remember a few mild frosts and the temperature has been in the mid teens for the last couple of weeks. My garden seems to be well ahead of the game compared to last year and I have some things that have just kept on flowering through the winter. I expect a harsh frost to descend in April and kill everything.

But apart from that, here are some things I've noticed recently:

  • The blossom is out on many trees and is beautiful. I presume it's banks of hawthorn along many motorways that have been making them a pleasure to drive along.
  • Massive queen bumble bees have been bumbling for a few weeks now, looking for nest sites.
  • Butterflies are on the wing – I think I've mostly seen Commas but they didn't stop long enough to be sure.
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  1. It is so different from last Spring isn’t it? My Wallflowers haven’t stopped blooming all year which has meade me very happy. It is, apparently, going to be the coldest night of the year tonight, so cover anything precious.

  2. The white blossom in the hedges at the moment is probably blackthorn. The flowers appear before the leaves. Hawthorn leaves are only just beginning to appear.

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