Lee writes in to ask if there are any good locations for photographing cherry blossom once it arrives – I imagine the earlier the better. Can anybody suggest particularly good spots in the UK to do this? Please leave a comment if so.

The picture above is a miscellaneous street in London. Also the street I live on is lined with them as it happens.

Please excuse this poor photo – my iPhone just wouldn't focus on what I wanted it to. However it does demonstrate the important detail, which is snowdrops in wide open mode. Apparently they open wide like this when the temperature climbs above 10 degrees centigrade, so that insects can get in to pollinate them. I need to pay closer attention to them in order to determine for myself whether this actually holds true but I've heard it a couple of times over the last few weeks. I've also learned the word Galanthophile recently, but I'll leave you to look that up.