I was recently approached by the maker of an iPhone game asking if I'd like to review it here. Having played it intently on the train over the past few weeks, I can thoroughly recommend it and can confirm that it's definitely relevant to a nature blog!

Honey Tribe: Colony Collapse (iTunes link) is a delightful tale of a drone bee asked to save a colony suffering from colony collapse disorder. The game is a side scroller as our hero tries to collect pollen whilst evading many and varied threats. I was a bit confused at first that you can only control his movement up and town (touch to flap wings) as it wasn't completely obvious, but once I'd figured that out I was fine. A lot of its appeal is courtesy of its simple control scheme combined with fast pace and increasing challenges, making it easy to get into but hard to put down.

The graphics are hand drawn with a homespun charm and the music's apparently very good too but I didn't have headphones so I played it with the sound off! Woven into the game is an evolving story of the challenges faced by the hive, laced with facts about bees and their world. It's appropriate and fun for any age but children might especially like it and learn a little something too.

At £1.49 I recommend it. More information on iTunes app store or via the Honey Tribe website. A free LITE version is also available if you just want to give it a go.

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