The title says it all. I sat outdoors eating a delicious scone observing a large dragonfly buzzing about overhead. It got remarkably close and I was just saying to my wife how you don't usually get to see them like that when it decided not to halt its approach and landed on my right cheek, just below my eye. I didn't entirely maintain my cool, having very much not expected that to happen. Sorry – no pictures, the wife just wasn't fast enough.

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  1. Oh wow, can’t say I’ve had them that close, though i’ve managed to get Common Darters to land on my finger by placing it where they would normally land. The Emperor Dragonflies are waaay too tricky though, they just won’t stop moving! I saw a Four Spotted Chaser for the first time the other day and it landed on a leaf on a tree right in front of me, I was besides myself with it all and ran around the woods like a maniac, how unbecoming of me haha.

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