After a few days hiatus, time to get back to cataloguing the non-grass inhabitants of my lawn. See part 1 here to catch up with the fun.

First, what I think must be a young Ragwort. Actually the flowers in the reference page look rather attractive – maybe I should transplant it to a meadowy area!


I'm fairly sure this next one that's just leaves is a Daisy, though it's hard to be sure without the actual flowers. The second photo is quite clearly a daisy and has similar leaves out of shot. It's only when you look up close that notice things such as the pink tips on the undersides of the petals.


Not strictly a weed, Primrose. These are amongst the edges of my lawn and look rather pretty so I spare them the mower. They seem to be very vigorous.


I have literally no idea what this next one is, appearing to be somewhere between thistle and dandelion with notably purple centres to the rather ragged leaves. If you know, please leave a comment!


I have more, so there will be a part 3. Don't think ill of my lawn – it's just that I bothered to look and record what was there. Admittedly it's not a great lawn all the same.

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